At Me Too Massages we will provide quality and outstanding service in a soothing atmosphere and indulge you with compassionate and knowledgeable care to create wellness in body, mind and soul. Our massage therapist will interview you and discuss with you what treatments best suit your needs.

Karin Ericson, LMT

Karin is a graduate of the Hudson Valley School of Massage Therapy and is NY State Licensed. Karin has over 18 years experience in the medical field and has an unwavering desire to help others in a natural, meaningful and compassionate way. She strives to encourage mind and body balance in each client by providing massage therapy that not only decreases pain and muscle tension, but also results in increased emotional balance and relaxation.

Me Too Massages
Loudon Drive | Fishkill, NY 12524
Phone: 845.549.4402 | Email: metoomassages@gmail.com

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